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Course Latin America culture | Wiracocha Spanish School

Spanish Classes & Latin America Culture

With Spanish Classes and Latin America Culture our students will learn about the cultural aspects of Latin America.
  • This program combines classes of Spanish with Latin cultural classes and particularly Peruvian culture.
  • As a result of your new understanding of these fascinating cultures you can be sure that you will develop a previously unimaginable love of Peru and Latin America.
Lessons Spanish Classes and Latin America Culture:
  • You will learn about the important cultures prior to the arrival of the Spaniards (the Inkas, Aztecs, Maya, Chavin, Paracas )
  • In the classes you will learn about the colonial period, when the Spaniards dominated almost all of South America and Central America.
  • We will also study contemporary Latin America.
spanish classes and latin america culture

For Spanish Classes and Latin America Culture we offer 1 option:

Individual classes: This course requires individual attention by the teacher. 
Individual Price
Price per week USD 179

Advantages when enrolling in Wiracocha Spanish School:

Our services include:

  • Airport and bus terminal pickup and transfer to your accommodation.
  • Accompaniment to school on your first day if you live with a host family.
  • FREE Wi-Fi at the school.
  • Certificate upon completion of your course.
  • And much more, you can see all services here.
Definitely, Wiracocha Spanish School is the best option to learn Spanish and Latin American culture, especially those of Peru.