Medical Spanish course

The Medical Spanish course covers the need for doctors to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients. At Wiracocha Spanish School we have as objectives to teach and improve your communication techniques in the Spanish language for a better dialogue with patients, in order to effectively contribute to the provision of services in your profession.
  • This course consists of 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day.
  • Medical Spanish course is designed for professionals who need to learn Spanish and already know the correct terminology used by the medical profession.
  • These courses are for doctors, medical students, nurses, social workers and professionals related to the medical field.
  • Once a week for 2 hours you will have a class on specific health subjects with a doctor or a person who works in the health profession and with whom you will be able to talk and to practice your new vocabulary you will be able to discuss issues such as diseases, treatments, etc.
  • This takes private classes, which are available throughout the year.
Medical Spanish course
Lessons: This course cover medical terminology, the practice of new and specific vocabulary, and reviews basic Spanish grammar.

For Medical Spanish course, we offer 1 option:

  • Individual classes: This course requires individual attention by the teacher.
  • Price per week: USD 210
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