Intensive Spanish course

The Intensive Spanish course is our ♥ most popular ♥ course. You can choose between 20 hours in group or 20 hours of private classes. The course is structured for people who want to learn the language at an accelerated pace.    
  • This course consists of 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
  • The Intensive Spanish Course combines grammar and conversation at an intense pace but at the same time it is flexible and not too demanding.
  • Our students learn useful expressions and keywords in the Spanish language so the student can apply it in their daily lives.
Lessons: Grammar, written exercises, oral exercises and conversations.
intensive spanish course in cusco peru

This course offers 2 options:

  • 20-hour individual classes: above all the teacher’s attention will be totally focused on you.
  • 20-hour group classes: our groups are small with a maximum of 4 students per class.
Individual Price Group Price
Price per week USD 195 USD 129
Course lessons are characterized to focus on useful topics and importantly, the students maintain smooth communication while they stay in the city of Cusco. This course is available all year round, allowing you to begin the course every week.

Advantages of taking the Intensive Spanish Course in Wiracocha Spanish School:

  • Wiracocha Spanish School also offers accommodation (apartments, homestay) allowing our students to leverage your time and practice Spanish with local families and other international students.
  • Our school offers activities such as: games, salsa classes, dinners and more.
  • Quality and personal attention!
  • We also offer tours to visit several tourist attractions in Cusco.
Wiracocha Spanish School is the best option to learn Spanish in Cusco!