Come and take the opportunity to work as a volunteer in Cusco in any of the options you will see below. Lately many young students or professionals travel a lot around the world to be part of volunteering projects that change their lives and their way of seeing things. Cusco, of course, is also the perfect place to be part of this unique experience that will only contribute to your personal growth.

It does not matter what activity you do, whether teaching at a local school with a teacher, working on the hygiene of poor children, or having fun with old people. In all these options and more you will interact with other volunteers with the local culture, which will give you lessons of humility and inner strength.

Spanish classes to complement your Volunteer work

Although it is not essential to speak Spanish at a very high level, it will be necessary that at least you can communicate in the different projects we have, either to talk with the children, organize activities or simply to know how to get to the project in case you get lost on the way. Besides speaking a little Spanish will allow you to make your trip a little more comfortable and you could communicate with locals.

Costs involved with volunteering

Volunteering in Cusco will involve some costs. The projects we work with do not help you with your expenses for food, accommodation, flight/transport to get to Cusco and other expenses that may be involved. Most projects ask for a small donation to help, that you pay directly to the project. To us, you pay a $30 USD mediation fee to cover our costs.

Childcare Volunteer Work in cusco peru wiracocha spanish school

In Cusco, many orphanages, institutions and organizations give support to children who come from poor families and in some cases children who do not have parents. We work giving support to these children so they can have a better lifestyle.

Elderly Care Volunteer Work in cusco peru wiracocha spanish school

In Cusco, there is an Elderly Center where old people live. They have often been abandoned and unprotected by their family. They found in this place, a place to live their last happy days and have a quiet life. The need to have volunteers in this type of program is big.

Volunteer work in Care of rescued animals cusco peru wiracocha spanish school

In Cusco, there is a volunteer program exclusively to help animals. Many of them are in danger of extinction such as the Condor of the Andes, the spectacled bear and other animals. There are also llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, animals of the Andes.

Volunteer work with Children in cusco peru wiracocha spanish school

These are social support institutions for children and adults with special abilities, physical and mental disabilities. In this program, there are around 40 people among children and young people with special abilities who need help.

Volunteer work at Kindergarten and Schools in cusco peru wiracocha spanish school

This program is made in the schools of Cusco. If you are an English teacher or want to teach English. You can apply to this volunteer program. It is important for the volunteer to be able to speak Spanish to communicate well with the students of the school.