Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodation is highly recommended, because living with a local host family gives you many advantages, such as:
  • Practice your Spanish in real situations, every day.
  • Peruvian host families are very friendly. You will enjoy a nice stay with them. They will show you the city, talk a lot, share family activities like birthdays, etc.
  • You will have good food. The Peruvian cuisine is very rich because it is a mix of the Inca cuisine with European and Asian cuisine.
  • Host families always have the goodwill to give students advice about nice places in the city, places to avoid, pubs, discotheques, how to save money in the city, etc.
homestay accommodation members

How are the families of homestay accommodation?

  • They are friendly and above all they love to share their life with foreigners.
  • Clean, comfortable houses with hot water, located in safe areas.
  • Middle class, with a good level of education.
  • They like sharing ideas and talking about all subjects.
  • These families will do all they can to help you find anything you may need. Finding the most beautiful places in town and helping you buy anything you need at a good price.
  • The families speak basic English. This will be useful in the first few days but after that you will have to speak Spanish.
  • During your enrollment process you can write a description of your ideal host family, so we will find a nice host family according to your suggestions.

Prices per week of homestay accommodation

Single Room Double Room Double bed
USD 145 USD 145 (1 large bed) USD 145
Note: the prices are per week include a pick-up from the airport.

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