Our staff of Spanish Teachers has been selected from a rigorous examination process and they all have University degrees. Our spanish Teachers have been chosen for their experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, for their high pass rates from university, for their ability to listen, enthusiasm, etc, but above all, all our teachers love to teach. Furthermore our teachers have the ability and know how to motivate and increase the student’s interest in the Spanish language. This way the student will learn much quicker and the classes will be much more fun. Wiracocha Spanish School, is bound to teach a high quality of Spanish, for this reason all our teachers assist annually courses on the new techniques in teaching. The courses are designed to reinforce their knowledge and to share experiences. The end result is always beneficial and shows in the excellent comments from our students. At the end of each course each student is given a form to fill in about the teaching they had received. This feedback is very important to us, as it permits us to better ourselves and make sure that our students are receiving the best teaching around. our staff: teacher margotDirector: Margot Revilla Chirinos Profession: Teacher, Doctor of Pedagogy and Education. I am very happy to lead the Spanish School Wiracocha, I am a teacher with 30 years experience, and here I can use that experience to develop better teaching methods and ongoing training to our group of Spanish teachers. We have also created a work environment where all school staff are well motivated to work with joy and give his best.   our staff: teacher garyAdministrator: Gary Flores Revilla Profession: Business Management. Estudios actuales: Student of MBA Management program at Universidad Católica – CENTRUM. I am responsible for enrolling students, and most importantly make them feel happy here, my tasks includes planning, organizing, directing and controlling. I am always close to students to know their opinion about our services, and to hear the feedback on areas for improvement. I am happy to say that we are the school with the highest percentage of students “returning to study with us” for a second and even a third time, because they feel they are part of a beautiful family “Wiracocha family,” who cares about their learning and their welfare.   oru staff: teacher marielaTeacher: Mariela Roman It is very satisfying to see students learn quickly and feel very happy, this is the greatest reward for the effort made, I love teaching here because the classes are interactive and practical, and also the school has interesting and fun activities, and is always innovating.       our staff: teacher IndiraTeacher: Indira Like Working in Wiracocha school, teaching students from around the world, I am happy to see that they learn Spanish very fast, plus they my friends are done with easy and they talk about their countries and the things they like about Peru.       our staff: teacher FlorTeacher: Florangel Jimenez. Profession: Medical Surgeon Doctor at Essalud, a big hospital in Cusco; there attend to patients during the morning, and in the afternoon I’m a teacher of the course “Medical Spanish” at Wiracocha school. It is a beautiful experience because the focus of medicine in each country is somewhat different, this is all very practical, very contact with patients, lots history, see its signs and symptoms.     our staff: teacher carlosTeacher: Carlos Rozas Profession: Lawyer The Wiracocha school is a very friendly place, with students from many countries. I teach the course “Spanish for lawyers” are individual classes and are geared to the student to learn legal vocabulary, and also talked a lot about the judicial system in Peru, we also analyze some records on court cases. But the nicest thing is that they are individual classes, then all students are my friends and is very easy to classes with them. Teacher: Joseph Alex Medina Chahua. Teacher with degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Teaching in Wiracocha is very rewarding, both personally and professionally, the atmosphere is warm and quiet. Teaching a language involves rediscovering. Teaching international students is very rewarding because I can learn from their cultures and countries through them. Teacher: Indira Huamanga. Teacher with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Teacher: Nelida Rimachi. Teacher with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature. Teacher: Sonia I am a teacher with years of experience and I also have a college degree as a Tour Guide, I love to talk to students about the beautiful places you have Peru and its history. teachers-1 teachers Join to our Staff