Location of Wiracocha Spanish School

Our school is located at 2 blocks and half from the Plaza de Armas, the heart of activities of the city. We are located close to restaurants, pubs, coffee places, banks and shops. Our school has a nice Spaniard colonial building with a courtyard and a garden, so our students can stay at a relaxed atmosphere.

Our location near the main square

You can easily locate us from the main square of Cusco. You just have to walk 2 blocks down Triunfo street passing through the famous Stone of the 12 angles and climbing half a block along Cuesta de San Blas. Map of Cusco, Main Square to Wiracocha School

Wiracocha Spanish School

Address: Cuesta San Blas N°561,

Cusco, Perú

Reference: 2 Blocks from the main square.

Phone: +51 84 242562

Email: info@wiracochaschool.org