Quechua Cours


Quechua Course school in cusco peruQuechua, the language of the Incas, is spoken today by millions of people in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and northern Argentina.
  • This course is designed for students who want to study Quechua for reasons such as research, work, culture, etc.
  • All of our teachers in this program are native Quechua speakers and have a university educations.
  • Learn the quechua language at Wiracocha School and  know more about the Inca culture and traditions.


Beginner Quechua

  • Our students are introduced to Quechua language in the context of the Andean culture.
  • They learn basic vocabulary to build small dialogues.
  • Wiracocha School teaches written and spoken.

Intermediate Quechua

  • The students will learn the 3 main grammatical tenses (past, present and future).
  • The teachers put emphasis on conversational skills and increasing the vocabulary.
  • The students will be able to speak with quechua speakers about any subject, but with limitations of vocabulary.

Advanced Quechua

  • Improves conversation abilities and builds up vocabulary and reading ability in Quechua.
  • The students know all the Quechua grammar and can build complex sentences.
  • We organize excursions to indigenous towns where the students can speak Quechua in real life situations.

Les prix individuels

Prix par semaine : US$ 199
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