Wiracocha Spanish School has a Spanish course specially to work with children and teenagers. This course is very didactic and innovative for them. The methodology we use is very interactive for the student and this makes Spanish classes fun and productive for each student.

a girl learning spanish

How is our methodology?

In classes the teacher also uses the school's methodology. Our classes for children and teenagers have a fun approach, with activities within the classes that consist of role play, cards and illustrations and games that the teacher indicates. There are also lessons with activities outside the classes in which they visit a market practicing Spanish, at every moment accompanied by their teacher.

Teachers who teach Spanish to children are specially trained to work with them. The materials that are given to the students are adapted according to the interests and needs of the students. In this case children use materials that are more attractive to them and also inspiring to continue learning the language. We always try to motivate them to continue learning.

How are the classes?

The classes are private, but we are flexible to the requests of each family to unite a brother for example. Classes are 10 hours per week. We recommend doing no more than two hours a day and a total of 10 hours per week and a program of only 1 week or 2 weeks maximum. This way the course is fun and motivating to continue learning.

Learning Spanish in Cusco is the best decision, the clarity with which local people speak the language and the ease of understanding them.

Spanish classes for the family

If you are the child's father or mother you will surely also learn Spanish, in this case you can take general Spanish course in group or in private classes or you can also take a special course like Spanish classes plus history of the Incas or Latin American literature classes among other special courses .

a boy learning spanish

1 Responsibility with children and teenagers

Your children will always be under the care of the teacher and the school coordinator. You can decide to meet them at school by taking another course but if this is not the case we take care of them.

2 Levels of Spanish

We teach from the most basic level to the most advanced level; our teachers are fully prepared to teach at any level. Learning Spanish in Cusco is the best decision, because of the clarity with which local people speak the language and the ease of understanding it.

3 Family Accommodation options

Homestay: family members staying with a host family including breakfast and dinner.

Private Apartment: We take care of finding a comfortable private apartment especially for the family.