At Wiracocha School we have been concerned to help students who cannot attend in person the classes we offer, so we have created Wiracocha Online Lessons so that all our students learn Spanish and Quechua from the comfort of their home.

In Wiracocha Online Lessons you will find both Spanish and Quechua online classes, you will also find native teachers of the Spanish and Quechua language, the classes are private, include materials and at the end of the course you can obtain an official certificate.

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish Online Wiracocha Spanish School

The online Spanish classes will surprise you, online Spanish classes are taught by different teachers of the Wiracocha school. We have called it Wiracocha online and it has the highest levels of teaching quality that has always characterized us. Classes are taught through the Skype platform at different times which will be agreed with the coordinator of the online program by email. The lessons have been designed for all levels of Spanish, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced we will find a way to learn as quickly as possible. If you are an advanced student, these classes allow you to personalize your lessons according to your needs, we will not impose topics that you do not want to learn, on the contrary, we will be willing to help you in specific subjects by developing even exclusive material according to your requirements.

Learn Quechua

Learn Quechua Online Wiracocha School

Learning Quechua online is now easy and fast, at Wiracocha Online we offer private Quechua lessons via Skype with native speaking teachers. Our course is focused on learning according to their needs, from the most basic level to the most advanced and fluid level, our classes are complemented with different teaching materials that are provided to the student when taking the Quechua online lessons. Our teachers also have had an optimal training to be able to teach the Quechua language in completely online classes. Cusco is a wonderful city where the Inca culture was born and I leave its legacy , the Quechua language spoken in Cusco is one of the most important inheritances and you can learn it starting today. Then you can find the different lesson packages, choose the one that best suits your needs and contact us.

For more information about our Online Lessons you can directly access our website Wiracocha Online Lessons.