If you have not decided where to go on your next summer vacation, then I recommend you come to Peru and visit the city of Cusco. You can learn Spanish and find out a lot about the local culture and the family way of life.

The Wiracocha Spanish School is located very close to the city center. It is a very quiet place where you will feel very comfortable, sharing different experiences with other students from different countries.

Spanish classes are very fun. The Spanish teachers are very kind and very professional. They use different interactive teaching techniques so the student never feels bored. They have a lot of patience with the students while they teach you. You will feel very comfortable learning the language and you will always find yourself engaged. In class there is always something fun to do while learning Spanish.

Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru at Wiracocha Spanish School

The materials of the school are interesting, every day we use different learning techniques to learn the language. In the classroom, you learn everything: grammar, speaking, listening and writing Spanish.With the teachers, there are always cultural visits, for example going to the museum, visiting a traditional market, going to the textile center, among other activities. During the visits you can speak in Spanish and interact directly with people testing your Spanish abilities, of course, always accompanied by your teacher to ask for help and advice. These experiences will help you improve your Spanish and help you feel more comfortable speaking the language.

At the school, you will meet other students from different countries with whom you can do different activities outside of school. It is a nice way of traveling while getting to meet new friends and learn the local language.

Something else we cannot fail to mention are the activities we have at school, such as salsa classes, cooking classes and hikes outside of Cusco on some weekends. All of these different activities are part of the school, which you will enjoy immensely. At our school, you will not only study Spanish, you will also share amazing experiences and learn about the local culture and way of life of the people of Cusco.

If you want to improve your Spanish, I also recommend living with a local family. Living with the family, you will have a different, more fulfilling experience. You will share with them their way of life and their customs and will be able to speak Spanish with them while practicing what you have learned in school. This a very different way of living in another country. As you live with your Peruvian family, you will feel as though you are part of them.

Cusco is one of the most visited places in Peru, it is a fantastic city and you will not regret the experience you will have here. What an excellent way to enjoy your vacation away from home. Experience new places, meet new friends, and study Spanish at the same time! We welcome you to Cusco and there is always have something to discover here.