Before starting to travel in family to Cusco, there are many questions about everything. Where will we stay? What will the city be like? Will it be easy to find safe transportation? What places can we visit? And something more important is the language. Will they speak our language?

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Many families have visited Cusco and although in the beginning it is difficult to decide if it is a good idea to travel with the children, in the end it becomes the best decision they have made. The city is very safe and easy to find restaurants, shops and cafes. To this we can also add that in Cusco there are many tourist attractions and visiting these places is not that difficult.

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Many families want their children to spend a good time in the city to  immerse themselves in the local culture. For this there is nothing more beautiful than sharing a few days with a local family, knowing their customs and lifestyles. Being in direct contact with them will make you live an unforgettable experience. Taking the Spanish course for families and children will be a great idea to make the most of the time.

The language sometimes sounds difficult to understand, although where you walk in the city in many places they speak English, but the experience becomes better when you try to communicate in the native language.

Travel as a family to Cusco and Learning Spanish in Cusco is very good idea, it has many advantages, for example people here speak slower and very clearly. This will allow you to better understand the language and feel comfortable talking with local people.

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When you go to a café you will be more courteous if you order  in Spanish “Un café por favor” or in the market “Cuanto cuesta esa chompa de alpaca?” People will help you and smile when you talk to them in their language. At the beginning it is hard to talk, but afterwards it will be normal and you will not stop speaking Spanish.

Travel as a family to Cusco, live the local culture and while you travel the narrow streets with stone buildings, imagine and transpose yourself in the  time. Think that the Inkas walked through these same streets and now you are doing it.

Welcome to discover with your familie the fascinating city of the Incas.

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