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Elderly Care Volunteer Work

In Cusco, there is an Elderly Center where old people live. They have often been abandoned and unprotected by their family. They found in this place, a place to live their last happy days and have a quiet life. The need to have volunteers in this type of program is big and helping with these old people will make the volunteer feel satisfied to do something for an older person.

The work of the volunteers is to help by giving food to the people who live in this place, to do some therapies and socialization games among them, to share reading activities and entertainment activities and to help with the displacement of the elderly from one place to another, because many of them are in wheelchairs.

Working with them is not very difficult, because you will be helping to make happy a person who feels lonely and in some cases who has lost his family and friends.

In order to communicate with them you only need to speak basic Spanish. Communication with them will not be so difficult. Welcome to the adventure of helping elderly people in Cusco who were once young and today feel tired but always with a sweet smile on their faces to offer.

Basic requirements:

Costs involved with volunteering

Volunteering in Cusco will involve some costs. The projects we work with do not help you with your expenses for food, accommodation, flight/transport to get to Cusco and other expenses that may be involved. Most projects ask for a small donation to help, that you pay directly to the project. To us, you pay a $30 USD mediation fee to cover our costs.

Intensive Spanish in Cusco Peru

Aimed at students who do not yet speak Spanish, our intensive one-week or longer Spanish course is designed specifically for students, volunteers and interns who want to take the time to immerse themselves in the Spanish language. We are a local language school that has been working for several years creating unforgettable experiences through the Spanish language that will help you make the most of your stay in Peru.

The course includes 20 hours of Spanish classes per week in small groups of up to 4 students. This course is the most popular among students who come to Cusco to study Spanish. In this course, conversation, grammar, and practice are combined through audiovisual materials. We also have courses of 10 hours per week and 30 hours per week. You can take the Spanish course that best suits your time. The school and the teachers are responsible for adapting to your learning needs day by day.

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