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Spanish Online

These online Spanish classes will surprise you! The online Spanish classes are taught by different teachers of Wiracocha school. We have called this program Wiracocha online and it has the highest level of teaching quality that has always characterized us. Classes are taught through the Skype platform at different times which will be agreed on with the coordinator of the online program. The lessons have been designed for all levels of Spanish, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced speaker, we will find a way for you to learn as quickly as possible. If you are already an advanced student, these classes allow you to personalize your lessons according to your needs. We will not impose topics that you do not want to learn, on the contrary, we will be willing to help you in specific subjects by developing exclusive material according to your requirements.  

Individual prices:

Price per hour US$ 9.50
  Quechua course

Quechua Online

In this online private Quechua course you will learn Quechua, allowing you to speak with Quechua-speaking people, who are descendants of the groups that formed the Inca empire.
  • Our online Quechua course is designed for students who want to study Quechua for reasons such as research, work, culture etc.
  • All of our teachers in this program are native Quechua speakers and have a university education.
  • Learn the Quechua language online through Wiracocha language school and know more about the Inca culture and traditions.

Our Quechua course consists of 3 Levels:

Beginner Quechua

  • Our students are introduced to the Quechua language in the context of the Andean culture.
  • They learn basic vocabulary to build small dialogues.
  • In the Quechua course we teach writing and pronunciation.

Intermediate Quechua

  • The students will learn the 3 main grammatical tenses (past, present and future).
  • In the Quechua course the teachers put emphasis on conversational skills and increasing vocabulary.
  • The students will be able to speak with Quechua speakers about any subject, but with limitations of vocabulary.

Advanced Quechua

  • Improves conversation abilities and builds up vocabulary and reading ability in Quechua.
  • The students know all the Quechua grammar and can build complex sentences.
Quechua Course

Individual prices:

Price per 10 hours US$ 145
Price per 20 hours US$ 280

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