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Volunteer work in Care of rescued animals

In Cusco, there is a volunteer program exclusively to help animals. Many of them are in danger of extinction such as the Condor of the Andes, the spectacled bear and other animals. There are also llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, animals of the Andes. In recent years, the organization has been working to preserve the species of these animals and prevent them from being abused and placed in captivity by private individuals.

This volunteer program is located about 30 minutes by bus from the city of Cusco, in a safe and suitable place for these animals to have a quiet life. The work that the volunteer does in this volunteer program is to help feed the animals, help in the cleaning and care of these, and explain to visitors the importance of caring for these endangered species.

If you like caring for animals, this will be a perfect place to do volunteer work, and you will be contributing to the conservation of these animals in danger of extinction. In order to communicate better with the people who work in this place it is necessary to speak a little Spanish, you can learn Spanish at school at the same time you have volunteering work.

Basic requirements:

Costs involved with volunteering

Volunteering in Cusco will involve some costs. The projects we work with do not help you with your expenses for food, accommodation, flight/transport to get to Cusco and other expenses that may be involved. Most projects ask for a small donation to help, that you pay directly to the project. To us, you pay a $30 USD mediation fee to cover our costs.

Intensive Spanish in Cusco Peru

Aimed at students who do not yet speak Spanish, our intensive one-week or longer Spanish course is designed specifically for students, volunteers and interns who want to take the time to immerse themselves in the Spanish language. We are a local language school that has been working for several years creating unforgettable experiences through the Spanish language that will help you make the most of your stay in Peru.

The course includes 20 hours of Spanish classes per week in small groups of up to 4 students. This course is the most popular among students who come to Cusco to study Spanish. In this course, conversation, grammar, and practice are combined through audiovisual materials. We also have courses of 10 hours per week and 30 hours per week. You can take the Spanish course that best suits your time. The school and the teachers are responsible for adapting to your learning needs day by day.

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