The Spanish language today has become a language that many more people want to learn due to the high percentage of the world population that speaks it and its rapid growth of speakers of this language throughout the world, especially in Latin America and Spain .
It is estimated in 2050 more than 10% of the world’s population will have the Spanish language as their native language and placed as one of the most important languages next to English.
In Peru there are more than 32 million Peruvians who use this language as their native language.

The importance of the Spanish language

The Spanish language is of great importance in the world as it is spoken almost throughout Latin America, except for countries such as Brazil or small French and Dutch domains in the Caribbean Sea. Spanish is for many Americans, in addition, the second language chosen before French or even Chinese. This is so because the importance of knowing and mastering this language will be recognized in the future, especially if the growing Latin presence in many states of the United States is taken into account.

Spanish is a language that has presented numerous variants in each region in which it was assimilated, mixing in many cases with local terminologies, pronunciations and accents. Thus, the Spanish spoken in Spain (recognized as the official Spanish) is not the same as that spoken in Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina or Chile. Each of these regions have easily identifiable variations that actually appear not as Spanish but as Spanish, a variant within the same language.

Spanish is the official language of 21 countries:

  1. Argentina.
  2. Bolivia.
  3. Chile.
  4. Colombia.
  5. Costa Rica.
  6. Cuba.
  7. Ecuador.
  8. El Salvador.
  9. España.
  10. Guatemala.
  11. Guinea Ecuatorial.
  12. Honduras.
  13. México.
  14. Nicaragua.
  15. Panamá.
  16. Paraguay.
  17. Perú.
  18. Puerto Rico.
  19. República Dominicana.
  20. Uruguay.
  21. Venezuela.

Language Of Peru

In Peru it has 3 official languages:

1.- The Spanish

Spanish is used by 83.9% of the population of Peru.

This language is especially spoken in urban areas of all regions of Perú.

2.- The Quechua

Quechua is spoken by 13.2% of the population of Peru..

This language was the language of the Incas.

3.- The Aymara

The Aymara used by 1.8% of the population, especially in the highlands of Puno and in the heights of Moquegua and Tacna.

Aymara is mainly spoken in the region of Lake Titicaca.


In Peru there are 48 native languages, but as we saw before the language that predominates most is Spanish, being the most spoken language it is necessary to know this language.You can learn Spanish at Wiracocha School where several Spanish courses are taught depending on the needs required by the student.