Enjoy your time in Cusco in a different way.

When you visit a new country, you are always thinking about visiting the most tourist places and you want to visit everything in a short time. But sometimes it is good to look for different things to do, different things from visiting well-known places where many tourists attend, for this it is good to take a break and look for new options to experience for example the culture and traditions.
Cusco is one of the most tourist cities in Peru, here you will find different activities and workshops to have a good time during your visit in this magical city. For example, there are have some workshops that will immerse you a bit more in the local culture and allow you to have a good time.

The ceramic workshop in Cusco

The ceramic workshop in Cusco

This workshop will allow you to develop manual skills. A local person will be in charge of showing you how they use clay to make different objects with shapes and designs of their ancestors, the Incas. Upon arriving at the place you will meet local people who will welcome you with open arms and willing to show you the art they have inherited from their ancestors.

After working with the clay , another person will teach you how to paint and give color to objects made with clay. Every detail painted on the objects has a meaning. You will have to put all your attention to be able to have a good result. The most important thing is that you will enjoy doing a different activity during your trip.

The traditional medicine workshop in Cusco

A person who knows this type of ancestral and traditional medicine will teach you how to make your own remedies as the Inkas did. In Cusco it is known that there are many plants of highly curative and medicinal value. These plants will be used to elaborate the different traditional medicines. Here you can make your own medicine with the help of a person. Work is not that difficult, but it takes time. The most important thing is that you like it and have fun while doing a home remedy for yourself.

The bread making workshop “Wawa”in Cusco

It is a workshop where you will learn to make bread, but in a different and fun way. In Cusco there is a tradition to make the bread that comes from the ancient settlers. Bread is made for women in the shape of a baby. Its original name comes from Quechua and is called “wawa” or “baby” and for men it is made in the shape of a horse. This type of bread is usually made on the first of November, the day on which the “Todos los Santos” party is celebrated in Cusco.

This is a traditional celebration where people celebrate that they are alive. In this workshop you can make your own bread from preparing the dough, decorate it, put it in the oven and finally taste a bit of the bread you made. It is a workshop where you will have fun learning the traditional way of making bread and enjoy a good time witzh your friends.

After finishing the different workshops, you will enjoy a delicious homemade lunch. With an impressive view of the countryside and landscapes, outside the city in a quiet and cozy place.

You will not regret this adventure, this type of workshops are an escape from the routine and the normal tours that are done in the city of Cusco. Dare to enjoy a new experience on your trip to Cusco.