Traveling, takes you to live new experiences. This makes the adventure of traveling more than visiting, it transports you in time, it takes you to know more about the customs and lifestyles of each region.
Cusco is the most tourist city of Peru. Tourists come to see the imposing Machupicchu which is approximately 54 kilometers from Cusco. A few days in the city is the most recommended before visiting Machupicchu. The first days during your stay in Cusco you will find new things that you have not seen in your country. Sometimes it will be a bit strange but all this is part of the way of life of the people in Cusco.
Here we will show you 5 unique things you will find in Cusco.UNIQUE THINGS Cusco

1. Eat guinea pig.

The guinea pig in many countries of Europe and also in the United States is considered a pet, but in Peru and Cusco it is an exquisite dish, due to the custom and tradition of local food in Cusco. This litle animal is part of the dayly food of local people. In Cusco people consume it in important celebrations. If you are a person who wants to experience and get to know the local culture try the “asado de cuy ” once in your life, it will not be a bad idea, later you may like it and want more. Many tourists say that the taste is more similar to chicken but you will have to taste it to feel its flavor. The most popular places in Cusco to try the guinea pig are: Tipón, a small town in the south valley of Cusco and Lamay a small town in the sacred valley.

Eat Guinea pig

2. Coca leaf products.

Although coca in many countries of the world is illegal, in Cusco it is possible to find different products made from coca like: teas, sweets, liquors and chocolates. Since ancient times the inhabitants of this region have used the coca leaf as a source of energy chewing them directly, nowadays you can find them in infusions that are very good for altitude sickness, stomach pain among others. A person who is not used to the height the first day in Cusco will have problems and to calm this symptoms nothing better than drinking a coca tea to feel good again.

cusco coca
Coca leaf products

3. Llamas and alpacas in the city.

Before visiting Peru, people imagine finding llamas and alpacas in the mountains of the Andes, but when you walk through the streets of Cusco you will find women dressed in traditional costumes with their llamas and alpacas. They are usually near the parade ground and on the street that leads to the San Blas neighborhood and also where Wiracocha Spanish School is located, whose name is “Cuesta San Blas”. If you want to take a good memory of the city, take a picture with the llama or a baby alpaca, this does not have a fixed cost, but you have to give a voluntary tip to the owner of the llama.

4. See many religious holidays.

cusco In the city it is not uncommon to hear fireworks almost every night and this is because Cusco is a very catholic and religious city and there is always something to celebrate: a virgin, a saint or a patronal feast. Sometimes people take to the streets carrying in procession their saint or virgin and behind them comes a group of people dancing traditional dances from the region. Their costumes are very beautiful and colorful and there is also a music band that plays local songs as they walk through the streets of the city. The sound of the music is very strong. These things make the religious and patron festivals not go unnoticed in the city and this is a cultural show for tourists.

5. The weather.

When looking on the internet about the weather in Peru we think it is the same throughout the country, nothing is further from reality. The climate of Cusco is very varied for example during the summer in Lima the temperature is between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius, it is very hot, but in Cusco it is different almost all the time. Starting in December until March there are moderate and strong rains and some sunny days, it is a combination of unpredictable climates, but it is not very cold. In the winter that begins on June 22 to September 22, on the coast of Peru is very cold and rain in some places. But in Cusco it is very different, at this time there is a lot of sun all day, there is no rain or snow, but during the night and early morning it is very very cold. These two stations are the most varied and different in Peru. If you plan to visit Cusco in summer, you should bring warm and waterproof clothing and in winter it is recommended to bring warm and light clothes.

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