Tour naar Rainbow Mountain

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The Rainbow mountain of Peru, also known as Vinicunca, is stunning and can be seen on the Ausangate Trek. Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru at 6,384 meters high; Ausangate is considered the most important mountain of the Andean worldview.
Wiracocha Rainbow mountain (Vinicunca)

Rainbow mountain route

This new route is genuinely unique and is a real adventure through preserved wild natural terrain and includes Puka Punta, “red lead”, a mountain in the Vilcanota mountain range and small communities of Quechua-speaking descendants. The route of Rainbow mountain reaches great heights between 4710m and 5200m for stunning eagle eye views. Explore this route and it is likely that you will have this trail to the south all to yourself, encountering few or no other route hikers. The Vinicunca One-Day Tour is able to offer travelers an alternative trek that is paramount to other trips and destinations.

Itinerary of Rainbow mountain trip

rainbow mountain - wiracocha spanish schoolWe will pick you up from your hotel at 3:00am and head south through the town of Urco to the Cecacupe District (2 hours by bus) and then follow the path to Pitumarca. We continue along the road through small villages until we arrive to the community of Hanchipata – Quesuno (1 hour and 20 minutes by bus), the ideal starting point to walk the route.We will see many mountains such as Ausangate, beautiful blue lagoons, and many other natural sites. The walk to Vinicunca (Rainbow Mountain) will last approximately 3 hours. At this peak we will savor the view for about an hour taking photos of the beautiful scenery before descending the path and returning to our bus. It will take 2.5 hours to return to Cusco.

Details of Rainbow mountain trip:

  • Price of trip: USD 50
  • Duration of trip: 1 day
  • Start date: Daily departures

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