Greetings is practiced in the communities and peoples of Peru in Cusco mainly for its inhabitants.

greetings in Quechua and spanish

Learn greetings in Quechua

Greetings in Quechua (in the Andean peoples of Peru especially in Cusco) are of special significance because in the Andean nations of Peru , the greeting is shown the respect they have among their people , show respect for the elderly , the greeting for the Quechua is synonymous with good education.

Quechua Question: Allillanchu imaynallan kashanki

  • spanish: Hola, ¿Cómo estas?.
  • Inglish: Hello, how are you?.

Quechua Answer: Allillanmi kashani (añay) qanrí

  • spanish: Estoy bien, (gracias) Pregunta ¿y tú?.
  • Inglish: I’m fine , (thanks ), and you?.

Other Quechua Answer: Allillanmi ñoqapas kashani (añay)

  • spanish: Yo tambien, estoy bien (gracias).
  • Inglish:  I am also well (thank you).

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