Many people think that traveling to a different country with new customs, different cultures and a different language is going to be a little difficult, but with our school, there is nothing further from the truth.Traveling and visiting new cultures helps you see the diversity that exists in the world and makes you appreciate everything you see in that different country. We also think that being in a country where they speak a different language than ours is going to be difficult and therefore complicated to survive. Thoughts like this are false. Here at the Wiracocha School we offer the perfect combination of enjoying your trip and staying in a country that speaks Spanish and presents a multitude of culture.While you study Spanish in Cusco, either to improve your Spanish level or to start to immerse yourself in learning Spanish. Visit Cusco and discover the magic of the city, walking along the quiet streets of Cusco and seeing the different attractions that exist in the city. Here are some places that you can visit in Cusco.

The Main Square of Cusco

Main Square of Cusco
Plaza de Armas or The Main Square of Cusco

It is an unusual place that you will love will be entrapped by its beauty. It is the most unique of all the plazas of the cities in Peru. Its Inka and colonial styles make it stand out as one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in the city to spend time and enjoy. In the middle of the plaza you can see a colonial style fountain with clean water that gives a fresh look to this place.

Around the fountain you will find native trees of the area that give shade to the benches located around the fountain in the main part of the square. In addition, you can see the construction of old colonial style mansions with arches, many of them constructed on stone foundations giving this place a feeling like no other. You can see the mixture between the old Inca and Spanish construction styles in new buildings as well.

When entering the plaza for the first time, a tourist is marveled at its beauty and feels a strange connection between the ancient and the modern. This experience will leave you breathless.

The Cathedral of Cusco

Basilica Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption or The Cathedral of Cusco
The Basilica Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption or The Cathedral of Cusco

Basilica Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption or The main cathedral of Cusco is a building that will leave you impressed by its magnificent construction and its fine finish work. The details make it one of the most attractive religious architectural works of the city. Its original name is the Basilica Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption, built between the years 1560 and 1664. Inside you will find great works of art such as paintings from the Cusqueña School and paintings by the famous painter Diego Quispe Tito.

A tour inside will take you back to the time of the Spanish conquest. Other attractions within the cathedral are the multiple paintings and decorations made entirely of hand carved wood. All these magnificent works are worthy of all admiration. Finally, inside the cathedral you will also find a small crypt. You can do a tour in Spanish to improve your level of understanding and practice your conversation asking the guide about the history of the Cathedral of Cusco while you enjoy this religious undertaking.

The main cathedral of Cusco is a place that if you visit Cusco you should not miss it, it is a meeting point for foreign tourists where you can improve your language skills with tourists from all over the world.

The Qorikancha temple

The Qorikancha temple - Cusco
Archaeological Temple of Qorikancha

El templo de Qorikancha is located near the main square. The name has a special meaning in Spanish. Qori means gold and Kancha means closed place. This was an old Inka temple dedicated to the worship of the Sun. This place will amaze you with its construction. It consists of a mixture of Inka and Spanish construction.

Today it has been converted into a Catholic building known as La Iglesia de Santo Domingo. In its interior, you can see remnants of the Inka architecture and the special places built to pay homage to the Sun God. In the back, you have an exit to the main garden to a viewpoint from where you can observe the majesty of this construction. In the lower part, you will find Qorikancha Site Museum, where different objects found in this temple are displayed. If you visit Cusco do not forget to visit Qorikancha. You will be impressed by this construction marvel of Cusco.

San Pedro market

Mercado San Pedro, a traditional place in Cusco, is a market that still preserves the customs of ancient Cusco. In this place you can find a variety of things, one of them while you are visiting Cusco is the different types of Cuscan and Peruvian food. Prices range from the cheapest to the most expensive. Here you can find some of the most beautiful and economical types of handicrafts and fabrics in Cusco. They are very stunning, with excellent finish work of different models and various colors.

We cannot forget the juice section, where you will find juices made in front of you with fresh fruit. Throughout the market people are very friendly. You can talk to them in Spanish and practice what you have learned in class. It is a very interesting place. You will very much enjoy the tour of the market. You will learn just how alive the culture of Cusco is. More importantly, you will feel confident to speak the Spanish with the local people.

The white Christ

El Cristo Blanco statue is located on a small hill called Puka Moqo, a Quechua word meaning red hill in Spanish. It is located relatively close to Cusco´s main square. You can walk to this place from the main square in about 30 minutes. From here it is possible to observe the whole city where you have an impressive view of the Plaza de Armas and the entire city of Cusco.

The white Christ statue was built in 1945 and was donated to the city of Cusco by an Arab-Palestinian colony. The Cristo Blanco will welcome you warmly. Here you will be able to take the best photos of the city. It is a very quiet and pleasant place to spend time observing nature on one side and the city at the same time. You will also find people selling various handicrafts and alpaca sweaters. If you want a photo with the symbolic animal of the Inkas, you can also find a llama here. You will be able to take the most beautiful photos and will enjoy the peacefulness of the place.