Our staff

Our staff of Spanish Teachers has been selected from a rigorous examination process and they all have University degrees. Our spanish Teachers have been chosen for their experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, for their high pass rates from university, for their ability to listen, enthusiasm, etc, but above all, all our teachers love to teach. Furthermore our teachers have the ability and know how to motivate and increase the student’s interest in the Spanish language. This way the student will learn much quicker and the classes will be much more fun. Wiracocha Spanish School, is bound to teach a high quality of Spanish, for this reason all our teachers assist annually courses on the new techniques in teaching. The courses are designed to reinforce their knowledge and to share experiences. The end result is always beneficial and shows in the excellent comments from our students. At the end of each course each student is given a form to fill in about the teaching they had received. This feedback is very important to us, as it permits us to better ourselves and make sure that our students are receiving the best teaching around. Director: Margot Revilla Chirinos Profession: Teacher, Doctor of Pedagogy and Education. pfmargotI am very happy to lead the Spanish School Wiracocha, I am a teacher with 30 years experience, and here I can use that experience to develop better teaching methods and ongoing training to our group of Spanish teachers. We have also created a work environment where all school staff are well motivated to work with joy and give his best.