Many times you leave your country with the idea of being a traveler and you end up becoming a tourist, becoming a spectator, without living in depth the experiences offered by the place. Here are 10 tips to make your trip different.

1. Give yourself time to take pictures


Not a bad idea to take a little break from the camera. In this way, when you see something you is unknown and interesting, instead of taking a photograph, you will approach and meet closely. You may not have many photos to show your return, but you will probably have many stories to tell.

2. Take a public transporttraveler2

As far as possible, avoid the taxis and the “tour buses”. Move on public transport, along with the locals who go to work every morning. Walk, bike, so you can go at the speed you want, without missing anything too important, and pausing whenever you need. No barriers between you and others. Keep all your senses alert, unfiltered, and wanting to know many places! You will discover unimagined places …

3. Do something different from the tourist circuits

In conventional tours, show you the most popular destination of the visits, usually “nice” part and “tourist”. And you want to know everything. So do the tour of the tourist sites of the city, but be sure to also know the other party.

4. Eating local food restaurants – for locals


Avoid expensive restaurants with gourmet food designed especially for tourists. There are also alternatives to eat at local centers and local meals. There you will taste the real local food, with typical local dishes such as eating there.

Yes, do not forget to assess the cleanliness and water quality, since in some places it might be a bad idea. Tourists are very vulnerable to these health issues and it is your responsibility not to fall ill from poisoning.

In some places there are family homes which offer dishes of homemade meals for tourists, where a “housewife” you will cook especially for you, as if you were one of their children. This is definitely the best choice!

5. Make the attempt to speak the local language


If you travel to a country with a different language, a good idea is to learn some of the local language. There are intensive courses for travelers, allowing you to manage the basics of the local language. But if you do not have time or money to do so, do not despair. You can bring a small dictionary or glossary with the most common phrases: “How much”, “Where it is that place”, “How do I get to this place.”

While there, do not stop learning. When you hear an unfamiliar word, do not hesitate to ask what it means. People will be happy to show and share with you something that is as natural as their own language. This will let you communicate more fluently and know your destination more closely. You can see some alternative of spanish classes here.

6. Visit local markets

In every city there is a market place where people will buy your groceries. They are usually very large sites, where they sell all kinds of products, edible and non. It is an ideal place where you know the aromas and flavors of the local cuisine, customs of the people.

7. Know the particular customs of the place


The culture of a place is what makes it different from the rest, but some things are not as well known as others. From the symbolism of color, to different types of greetings, or standards of conduct, they may be surprising things that will make your trip different and then you can amaze your friends with interesting facts. Find out a little about the local culture before your trip.

8. Join a dance class or local cuisinesalsa_lessons_wiracocha

Take more than memories of the place you visit, and sign up for a dance class or local cuisine. In most cities there are intensive classes and even one day to learn the basics, either your first steps of tango, or how to make a typical Italian pizza.

At Wiracocha Spanish School perform salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games and many more.

9. Stay in apartments or homestays

local_familyHotels have great advantages, but this time we suggest you stay in an apartment. An apartment gives you more freedom and features a kitchen that allows you improvise with the local cuisine. You can go shopping at a supermarket, browse and buy the ingredients you want, then you cook them.

If you want to take your travel experience to another level, you can also consider renting a room in a family home. In this way you can live as the locals live and learn more about their culture. If you prefer, you can share accommodation with other travelers then receive in your city. You can see some alternative accommodations here.

10. Make friends

Whenever you travel it is important to have an open and friendly attitude. Be friendly and socialize with others will allow you to meet new people and enrich your experience. Once you’ve met new people, you can share with them outputs night, ask them to teach you some of his tongue accompany you visit the place, and they will recommend the best food and the best places …

Now you know how to make your trip is different. If you have more tips for traveler and not feel a tourist, Leave us your comment!