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Voluntary Work with ELIM FOUNDATION

"ELIM" is a name in Hebrew that has 2 meanings: a place of rest and another affluent tree grown and this is what ELIM tries to be for the children who need it the most.

What does ELIM do?

The foundation ELIM is a Christian center which is dedicated to give love, food, housing, education and attendance to children and adolescents in abandonment, these children are rescued generally off the street or from homes where they are not wanted, and where they lack all the conditions that children require to be happy and to be able to live a normal life.


The foundation has 2 premises:

a) Center for children.

These premises are exclusively for children, at present there are 6 small children between 2 and 10 years old that live in the center home ELIM. They are taken care of by two surrogate parents in addition to the other personnel of the center. The children that are 6 years or older attend school in the mornings and in the afternoons they do their homework and play with the other children and personnel of the center, also there is a medical aid if they don’t feel well.

b) Meals for children.

This center is destined to provide food to children between the ages of 4 and 14 that do not have food in their own homes, they also receive schooling according to there age; mathematics, languages, art, etc. Also they have recreational activities. They count on the collaboration of a professor and a social worker in addition to the collaboration of people of good will who wish to help them. They will be compensated with a smile of deep gratitude.

At present time the Meal for children cares for around 30 children per day. The foundation also has a refuge house for adolescents and young people on the street, to aid and give them a place to sleep.

What can you to do help as a Volunteer?

The children need much aid, the volunteers can choose the functions they prefer or for which they are more suited for, or in accordance with the director of the center.

For example you can help the children with their learning; Teach them English, mathematical tasks, art, etc., or if you prefer you can help with the care of the youngest ones, or simply play with them, because they are children and need a lot of love which they don’t receive much of.

Schedule of voluntary Work

  • Preferably between the 15:00 and the 17:00


  • Things that the young ones need most of and which you can collaborate with are.
  • Non perishables Foods - Clothes - Toys - Books - Useful student DONATIONS.
  • All the economic aid which you wish to give for the children will be of great use, you can either give it to the children directly of give it to the director of the centre. The children will thank you deeply for your aid.